SimilarIcons Wants to Share Free Icons to Use than Ever

It’s time to share icon designs easy for everyone.

It’s time to share icon designs easy for everyone. That’s why our team of icon designers and publishers came together to launch Similar icons, and we’re thrilled to release our first icon collection today, Minimal Social Media Icons.

We’re excited to share our first icon collection with you today and show designer and developer users how easy icon personalization and project editing can be. We offer everything you need and none of the extras you don’t. You can get all the icon versions by checking out our standard license that come with every free icons from SimilarIcons. You can also take a test drive on downloadable package with a html file.

You can learn more about SimilarIcons features, check out the How it Works page, and if you like what you see, download an icon collection. With standard license features, you can put these icons to the your next personal or commercial projects.

If you want to see more free icons here, please share us on your social media profiles also subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for stop SimilarIcons.

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  1. Just published an icons set. Please review and approve it 🙂

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